The idea behind Juice Fiend is to provide fresh, raw, nutritious and delicious fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies to customers in the Musselburgh, East Lothian and Edinburgh area. If you believe consuming more fruits and vegetables is good for you, you’ll love Juice Fiend!

By drinking freshly prepared fruit and vegetable drinks, you may well notice some of the following benefits.

  • more energy
  • increased motivation
  • clearer skin
  • brighter eyes
  • weight loss
  • improved digestion

In my own experience juicing over the last 18 years, drinking juice has helped me with all of the above. Although I’m not actually trying to lose and weight!

These days I am typically drinking a litre of juice per day as well as having a couple of fruit based meals. A few times a year I focus more on the juices and go on a juice cleanse, drinking around three litres of juice a day, along with coconut water, filtered water and herbal teas.

The smoothies I serve at Juice Fiend contain your 5-a-day* in a cup. Each smoothie has 250g of fruit and 250ml of freshly squeezed juice.

* One serving = 80g of fruit/veg (